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Beanology in Schools

Beanology in Schools

Every school is as individual as the people that walk the corridors, which is why Beanology is all about responding to need.

We do have off the peg workshops, that work but we pride ourselves on having real conversations with schools and colleges so that we can design workshops that address particular areas of wellbeing that may need a Beanie Boost.

Examples of off the peg sessions include -

Feelings Factories - A creative session making machines from junk to teach the power of breath, the science of happiness, the wonder of “flow” and tools to help with worry. Fun, informative and wrapped in play.

Sock It To Me - A sock puppet making session that addresses that pesky inner critic. The puppet serving as a mindful reminder, to be your own best friend.

Cup of Corona -  A session all about the overload we have faced whilst dancing with Covid and all that that entailed. A brilliant way to see that we are still capable, just at capacity. Aligning everyone to notice the wins, no matter how small. Not about reaching to the top of a mountain, but celebrating that first step

Trees of Change - Using the every wise tree to teach the science of wellbeing. Who keeps us strong? What helps us feel better? What words can we use to help? We so often forget the things we can do to help ourselves, whether that is losing time in a brilliant book, or asking someone we trust to help us. This session is a great way to empower children and staff a like, to remember where to find peace.

I have run these programs in so many different settings… Always enjoyed and always received with with warmth and whispers of thank you. Each one tweaked and titillated to suit the audience, so whether you need more joy in the staff room, more peace in the class room. There is a magic bean for just that!

If you have a specific need. We just need to have a conversation.

The magic starts growing then…