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Welcome to Beanology

A service designed to help Human Beans rediscover and uncover all that makes them shine! Whether that be with children or staff in a school, colleagues in a work place, the humans that make up your community group, or help and support within the family unit. Mum, dad, children.

Beanology is a philosophy for living that helps and inspires humans of all ages to come home to peace and the wonder of self belief.

What is Beanology?

“If archaeology is about uncovering human history through excavation, then Beanology is about uncovering who you really are underneath life’s silt and dirt, dusting yourself off, and giving you a good polish!”

Beanology is a way of living that is wrapped in self-care, self-love, well-being and courage. It provides the tools to improve your mental health, your sense of worth, your mojo and motivation. Shows you new ways to develop, maintain and nurture relationships, at work, at home. Whilst empowering you to live true, live happy and be alive in the wonder of the magic you.

Where ever you are starting from, a puddle, the floor or the rooftops, the skills and thinking we share, will enable you to take more steps towards a brighter way of living. Self loving, empowered and free.

A responsive and compassionate approach to whole being wellbeing. Using laughter and listening to provide the very best programs we can. Delivered with panache, by real people. Who have read the books, got the certificates, but also lived through long term trauma, mental wobbles and finding the determination, compassion and courage to rise again.