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Welcome to Beanology

A service designed to help Human Beans rediscover and uncover all that makes them shine! A business driven to inspire people to believe in their ordinary extraordinariness! Using all manner of vehicles from running, to singing, dancing to learning, creating to laughing, reading to thinking! It really is a wonder to Be a Bean and to help others to find their way!

What is Beanology?

Beanology is a means to self-care, self-love and well-being, providing the tools to improve your mental health, but not in the sense that has become so commercially available.

Each ‘Bean’ will help your journey to a new mindset with compassion, warmth, laughs and a cup of tea, in a medium to suit you - there is a ‘Bean’ for everyone ...

More 'Beans' are being added all the time to help you ground, grow and flourish.

Beanology is also a Community Interest Company (CIC) which means it is a not for profit business where any profit is reinvested in the business to achieve the Beanology outcomes.

“Not for Profit. For change.”