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What is Beanology?

It’s so hard to encapsulate what Beanology is, what it’s trying to achieve, because it helps everyone in a different way.

It sits somewhere on a rainbow of hope!

Bean HQ is a place where you can come and unwrap your sad, worry, self doubt, shame, insecurity and find compassion and understanding. Validation and warm tea. But it also helps you to keep looking forward. To be counting your blessings, finding new ways to think, to see the world, to travel. I don't believe it's all a mindset! You can’t think your way out of depression, anxiety.... but you can love yourself back to peace....

It’s about waking the you up, that’s didn’t find life wobbly. Wrapping you up with knowledge, hope and optimism. But most of all, it’s about teaching you that your “youness” is all the magic you need, to fuel your life with courage.

Young, old, man, woman. Human.

your 'youness' is all you need

I am a certified Therapeutic Mentor. With qualifications in teaching hope, happiness, optimism and resilience. I consider my work ethic to be one of great integrity, honesty and authenticity. I have lived experience of both mental health wobbles and living with long term trauma. It makes for a compassionate space, there to heal, empower and motivate.

I consider myself, to sit in the middle of the counsellor/coach labels. A place where we can undo the hurts, but make a plan for tomorrows. Whether that is as part of a group or working on a one to one basis.

Qualifications have been gained from Bath Trauma Recovery Centre, Institute of Child Education and Psychology, Yale University, Connecticut, Oxford Brookes University.

Also, a certified running coach, Run England, and experienced in using performance as a medium for inspiring confidence, courage and compassion.

Child and vulnerable adult safeguarding.

Enhanced DBS Checked.

Yes. No. I teach. But most of all, I am Lizzie. A woman driven to help the humans of this world wake up to their wonder.

We are a Community Interest Company. Meaning we are not for profit. Any profit we make gets reinvested into the company to carry on supporting the work we do.

“Not for profit. For Change”

Yes and no. Beanology is the underpinning philosophy of all we do. The workshops, courses, 1-1s, school sessions, corporate training programs are all wrapped in Beanology thinking. Compassion, courage, creativity, belonging, empowering, accepting and nurturing. We roll out lots of different courses and workshops for people of all ages. To help them come home to inner peace, equilibrium, confidence and joy

Yes. Absolutely. But we tailor them to suit your outcomes. We've historically run workshops in primary and secondary settings, colleges and community groups, mental health support groups, small businesses. To date our workshops have been used to open conversations about mental health, inspire self confidence, teach happiness, ground and connect and to talk and teach about body image. The workshops are amazing, entertaining, accessible, empowering, grounding, fun and teach important life skills. So we can all truly live