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What is Beanology?

It’s so hard to encapsulate what Beanology is, what it’s trying to achieve, because it helps everyone in a different way.

Imagine the “Pic ‘N’ Mix” section of any supermarket, or Woolies if you’re old enough. We don’t always like, need, want the same sweets. We all choose differently, based on who we are, what we like, how we feel, what our lives need. That is what BeanOlogy is.

What do you need your Magic Beans to do for you…?

It is founded in the core principals of the 5 ‘C’s

Compasssion - For self and each other

Courage - To chase dreams, to whisper help

Creativity - Using creative approaches to make the learning so much more accessible, easier to recall. Each creation serving as a mindful reminder to be our own best friend.

Comedy - We are great believers in crying, but comedy allows us to connect to each other with warmth and wonder. Reducing the stigma of mental wobbles, and replacing it with acceptance and a drive to rise again.

Celebration - Of all we are and all we achieve. In terms of what we desire, not the narrative of the world.

Curiosity - Seeking to understand ourselves more, so we can align to a life we love. As well as empowering people to experience all this life has to offer

For adults, it is all about waking the you up, that didn’t find life so wobbly. Unknotting old ways of thinking about yourself. Wrapping you up with new knowledge, hope and optimism. Equipping you with tools to help with relationships, juggling overload, finding peace. Being you. Unapologetically.

For children, it is about teaching them new skills to cope with the modern world. How to manage worry, how to tackle that tricky inner narrative, how to be kind to their reflection. Fuelled with enough self belief that leaps of faith become a possibility. Informative, intuitive and non judgemental. This modern world is a tricky one…

We run off the peg and bespoke workshops in so many environments. Clients to date have included

St James Place, Cheltenham Ladies College, Farmors Sixth Form, Cirencester College, StyleAcre, Elizabeth Finn Homes, Down Ampney Primary School, Southrop Primary School, Burford Primary School, Down Ampney W.I, Shine Post Natal Support Group, Farrell School of Irish Dancing, The Chalet School, to name just a few…

100% of people who responded to the questionnaire from all of these places, said they would recommend BeanOlogy to others…

If you have a WellBeing need in your world. Get in touch and lets make a plan.

your 'youness' is all you need