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For Children

Baby Beans

Mental health support, warm tea, compassion, care, help and light! For families with babies up to toddling. Socially distanced, emotionally warm. To help you hold on to hope, laughter and being enough. 12 week courses designed to empower you to celebrate your enoughness!

Bimble Beans

Using creativity, collaboration, connection and funshine to help support parents and toddlers. A space to find support, tools and tips to help with emotional regulation for all and a warm cup of compassion.


The single most wonderful way to inspire courage, confidence, mental wealth, compassion and joy! By singing, performing and being part of a world that was born to help humankind believe in all they are!

We sing songs of every genre, we laugh a lot, and we lift the world around us, through support, acceptance and enthusiasm. Life is too short to simply exist....

Sessions for primary aged children and adults.

Sprouting Beans

A wondrous Bean born to help our youngsters grow in self belief, confidence, empathy, collaboration and learning to live sunny side. It is a place where we make that inner critic, an inner coach! So we become our own best friends, celebrating and believing in all our “youness”