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Beanology for Human Beans


A philosophy of living which is why it is applicable to all human beans that share this world with us.

We work with individuals from as young as 4 up to 84 (And beyond, just haven’t yet!) to help them to find a way to feeling better, and as a result living more. As individual, as families. It’s about working together and making a plan.


It always starts where each individual is ready to begin. Each person as unique as the twinkle in their eye.

May be you want to find more courage? More confidence? May be you want to forgive yourself or others? May be you want to work better as a team, in your family unit? May be you all could use a little help to make anxiety manageable and compassion your go to mode!?

We talk, we listen. We make a plan. Then we wrapped each shared session in compassion, creativity, connection, warmth and understanding. With just the right amount of laughter wrapped around it all. Not because we don’t take it seriously, but just to help us talk freely. Feel safe. Feel supported. Connected.

Making sense of the unhelpful narrative and redefining how we speak in our heads! To help us all come home to peace, self acceptance, wonder and joy. Giving us courage to take leaps of faith towards dreams we have always had.

Driven to help you to feel better, and will walk with you, until you feel that you have arrived at a place of peace. Where making plans doesn't feel so scary, and life feels full of opportunities, not fears.

We are about working together with you, in your world. In person or via zoom. Whatever works in your reality.

Prices vary dependant on circumstance, so please drop me a line if you would like to ask some questions.