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Beanology at Work

Beanology in the Work Place

Every work place is different. Just like every human is different.

Beanology in the work place really focussed on the ability to empower people to take care of their own mental health, whilst simultaneously tooling humans up so that the office is a place that is encouraging, collaborative and supportive. A place where people listen to understand.

So much of the wellbeing world is going down the route of self care. Whilst we totally agree, that self care is a thing. What we believe, is more important is the strength of our relationships. The way each person of the team feels valued.

Ultimately the most important part of the wellbeing spectrum is the strength of the relationships we have wrapped around us.

How do we do that?

As always it is all about the creative delivery. The warmth of the words and the authenticity of its roots.

We have worked in so many different spaces. From a Dental Nurse Convention, to St James Place. Elizabeth Finn Care homes to The Style Acre Charity. Every session, knowing that the validity of our work will ripple and touch the lives of all those who have shared space with us.

We do have off the peg workshops, that work but we pride ourselves on having real conversations. We are all so individual. Although there is some generic wellbeing wonder that simply helps, lets address what needs to be addressed. Working together to design workshops that target areas of wellbeing that may need a Beanie Boost.

What does your work place need? More optimism, more collaboration, more effective communication skills, more mojo, more laughter, more peace?

It is all about taking some time, asking some questions, finding out how your working world feels. Then responding in a way that makes a difference. We can do all the questions too if that helps.

If you have a specific need. We just need to have a conversation. The magic starts growing then…